Lebron is still the King

I know around these here parts, Lebron isn’t the most popular dude. He’s been the biggest rival of this era of Celtics teams, and can be an all-around pain in the ass and tough guy to root for. But, as you know by now if you’ve read anything from me on this site, I’ll call it like I see it. While I can’t stand him on so many levels, Lebron is a bad man.

This saga all starts when Interview Lebron (who we ALL hate) starts ripping the Knicks and Phil Jackson, for drafting some Frenchman over Dennis Smith Jr., ahead of their game last night. Well, resident Knick “tough guy”, Enes Kanter, fought back first on twitter:


And then he rushed in Monday night, after Lebron bumped into Frank the Franc, in a classically Lebron-ish move.

Kanter later said of the exchange:

“He’s a rookie. You call yourself ‘King’ or whatever. But you can’t just mess with a rookie like that. If you’re going to mess with [someone], go mess with the grown men. I’ll die for my teammates. Whatever happens, I got my teammates’ back because I see this team, this organization, like my family. Nobody is going to mess with it.”

The Knicks, seemingly emboldened by Kanter, controlled much of the game, and held a 15 point lead in the beginning of the 4th. This is where things turned for Lebron and the Cavs.

Cleveland stormed back led by Lebron who had some emphatic statements for the Madison Square Garden crowd

and then the clincher in true, rope-a-dope, “Look At Me” James fashion (man I want to hate him so bad)…..my man just drops a three right on “the next king”, “god” Porzingus’ lanky head. COLD AS ICE.

As much as I’d love to dog him for mean-mugging the crowd  a.) He earned it with that trey and  b.) They are obnoxious New York fans. Eff ’em.

Hate him if you must, and I know you do, but this guy has built two different title teams #shinglebyshingle. My man is nasty, and isn’t going anywhere.


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