Le Cap’s Tool Belt Award- Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor- who should be considered for Tool of the Century, rather than just the week – was at it again this weekend. This absolute door knob of a human being jumped into the ring(?) at a Bellator event to celebrate with his teammate, and shoved a referee who was trying to correctly remove him.


First off, I have no idea what Bellator is…I gather it’s like the ABA, or the USFL of MMA, or some shit? Either way, I don’t care nearly enough to google it.

Secondly, how do you have a teammate? Is this like NASCAR teammates, in that you’re just sponsored by the same oil company? Or is it like wrestling teammates, in that it’s all completely orchestrated by some old guy who’s brain is ravaged by concussions and excessive steroid use?

Either way, everyone keeps telling me this guy is the “It” thing, and he’s a marketing genius, all-time great athlete….ok. I never saw Michael Jordan storming the court in Helsinki when Scottie Pippen drained a game-winner playing for the Torpan Pojat of the First Division league. Just saying, I’m sayin’.

This guys is a bozo. A wannabe star. Ironically, the only way he ever made any real money was to compete in a “dead” sport that his is “replacing”. It should probably tell you something about your own image that you didn’t have 100% of the public support going into a fight with a convicted domestic batterer.

Conor, congrats bud. you’re the Le Cap’s Tool Belt Award Winner

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