UCLA Leaves Their Balls in China 

The UCLA Mens Basketball team has departed China after claiming a victory over Georgia Tech. However there will be three empty seats on the team flight as the three players arrested for shoplifting at high end stores in China are staying behind, including Lavar Ball’s middle son. 

Reports have suggested everything from a month long house arrest stay to a possible 3-5 year prison sentence for those involved. 

Lavar, the Man himself, had been seen hosting an autograph session with his youngest son, also in China, fueling speculation that the littlest Ball who is currently being “home schooled” after leaving High School, was planning on signing to play professionally in China.

There has been no official statement from the Ball Boys on either of these intriguing situations. 

Personally I would not be shocked to see the end result of all of this being both younger Ball Bros signed to professional deals in China. Lavar has made no secret of his contempt for the NCAA. If this arrest results in extended time off the Bruins roster for middle Ball I can easily see Lavar using this as an excuse to sign a lucrative Big Baller Brand exclusive deal with a Chinese club. 

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