These Celtics Have Heart

Win number 11 came not exactly in style, but more in guts and persistence and a lot of Tommy “Oh Boy!”s.

It was a trying night at home as Kyrie went out with a possible concussion/maybe broken nose/definitely bloody mess within the first few minutes after getting an inadvertent elbow from Bangers.

The Kyrie incident meant the C’s would be without Irving and Big Al Horford, still out with his own concussion issues. 

Role players would need to step up and one man above the others took up the challenge. 

Shane Larkin have yourself a night!

I’ll admit coming out of Miami I did not hold much regard for Mr. Larkin but he is proving himself a solid Pro in his time so far with the C’s. 

Someone needed to score buckets last night and Larkin’s shot was the one that was falling. 

He showed some real ability to create.  Larkin as a second unit scoring threat presents Stevens with even more mix and match bench combos. The number of lineups this team can throw onto the floor will really come in handy during the January/February grind portion of the season. 

Of course Mr. Nice Guy Daniel Theis was in the mix on the defensive end and showed some nice range:

Tommy was not happy with the refs but when is he ever. Dwight Howard attempted to play bully ball all night and Tommy was not having it. And neither were the Celts as they cut the lead to 12 after 3 quarters and held the Hornets to just 11 points in the fourth. 

And what can we say about rookie Jayson Tatum:

Is 13 games too early to say Tatum is no longer a rookie???? He certainly doesn’t play like a 19 year old. Poise.  Composure. Knocking down shots. The kid can ball and he knows his place on this team. 

11 in a row. But more than the streak it’s the variety of ways this team has gotten their wins. Different guys stepping up, everyone playing their role, this team has guts and heart and I think I’m falling in love:


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