Shameless 1980’s Nostalgia Tournament – Match-up #4 – NES PowerGlove vs Skidz

Welcome back to the Shameless 1980’s Nostalgia Tournament. The premise is simple. We pit two awesome things from the 80’s against each other and our expert panel of Nostalgia Profiteers decide which awesome thing is more awesome.


First Round Matchup #4 –

NES Power Glove



Gotta be honest, this is a tight race folks. Easily the closest match-up of the bracket so far. Both the Power Glove and Skidz were kind of awesome but also kind of terrible at the same time. The Power Glove gets bonus points for being featured in a classic scene from The Wizard:

Skidz get bonus points for being the single ugliest piece of clothing to ever become a pre-teen fashion trend.

It really is a testament to the gullibility of kids that they were fully willingly to walk around in these clown pants and think they looked cool.

However the Power Glove gets a major deduction for the fact that in real life outside of clever commercials and movie scenes thing actually sucked to play games with.  Like it either wasn’t usable or was such a pain that it made the game not fun to play. Trying to box in Punch-Out with the Power Glove should have been the best.  It was not.  Instead it was an exercise in how much frustration a 12 year old could take without destroying their room.

Winner – Skidz

This one pains me but the uselessness factor of the Power Glove is really too much to overcome. And I hear Skidz were actually a very comfortable pair of slacks to wear. Never owned a pair myself. Always wanted some but at 11 I could not muster the courage to enter a Suit Your Self to procure a pair.

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