All-Time Hi-Topper Guy – God Shammgod Providence 

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The God.

God Shammgod G Providence 1995-97

Obviously we have to start with the name. Undoubtedly the greatest in college hoops history. Just unforgettable. But Shammgod really was more than just a moniker. The man had skills.

Or rather a skill set. Those handles!

What can we say about Shammgod with a ball in his hand? It wasn’t so much the moves, though he had them all, including one that came to be know as THE SHAMMGOD, it was the style in which he executed his dribbling heroics that made all the difference. I’m sure plenty of guys before and since have had better technical dribbling skills but none were as memorable as God. No one looked as good as God while making a defender look foolish.

The Shammgod

The legend around The Shammgod crossover is probably shrouded in more mystery than any other move in basketball history. Who really invented it and who pulled it off first are irrelevant because Shammgod did it best and under the brightest lights. Taking on a vaunted Arizona team that would go on to win the NCAA title, Providence played the Wildcats to the brink in an OT classic.

The Shammgod broke ankles in the second half and became legendary even though God actually missed the ensuing shot. But combined with his masterful performance and other sick moves throughout the game, Shammgod went from colorfully named curiosity to outright cult hero.

And 20 years on a cult hero he remains. All hail the Shammgod.

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