Porzingis is God…I mean Good

The New York Zingers, formerly Knickerbockers, have won three straight games. While in and of itself this is a pretty tame feat, the way this team looked at the start of the season, a three game win streak is a monumental achievement. Actually it’s a Kristapian Achievement because New York is the very definition of a one-man operation. 

The Zinger scored 19 first half points to keep NY in the game:

Here’s Kristaps hitting the go ahead three last night:

Then setting a NY early season record:

The night before NY needed 40 from Kristaps to get the W after being down 19:

Kristaps da Gawd:

And they needed 37 from Zing to beat the Suns. This sequence from that win is just plain nuts:

Porzingis literally does everything – shut down D, starts the break then finishes the break all while gliding the length of the court in what looks like four steps. 

There was talk last year of Kristaps eventually being a Top 5 guy, an MVP caliber player down the line but I don’t think anyone saw it coming this fast. Obviously the Melo trade has to be seen as a factor, allowing Zing to bloom as the sole focal point of the team.  

The Knicks are fun to watch. Not a sentence I enjoy typing and it comes with the caveat that they’re only fun when Porzingis is on the floor but catch the Zinger Show while you can, a 7 footer who runs like a deer, shots 3s, plays D and dunks on fools – Porzingis in the House, oh my God. 

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