Greatest NCAA Team of the Last 38 Years – Lil’ Dogg’s Pick

Imma let ya finish Le Cap but The Untouchables had the greatest team of all-time (since 1980)….

Now excuse me while I throw a few stats at ya face:

9 NBA players

27 Straight Wins

Perfect In-Conference Record

An Actual National Title
Much to the chagrin of Le Cap, the real greatest NCAA team of the Last 38 Years is the 1996 University of Kentucky Wildcats. 

These ‘cats were ferocious.  I can’t recall a deeper team ever being assembled. As great as the 91 Runnin’ Rebels were I don’t think anyone without access to Google could name one bench guy on that team. 

UK went 9 deep with actual honest-to-goodness players. Guys who could contribute and do damage not just lead funny cheers on the bench. Did they all go on to be HoF’ers in the NBA? No. But peak Antoine Walker, in shape ‘Toine, people forget how devasting an offensive player he was and just remember late stage fat ‘Toine. 

Did this team have the cultural cache, the across the board impact that the Rebels had, that the Fab Five had? Certainly not. But we are talking about basketball here, not coolnes, not style but pure hoops. 

They played hellacious pressing D and turned that D into easy buckets on O. They shot the 3, bigs and guards, everyone could shoot.  They multiple guys that could play a multitude of positions. Glue guys like Walter McCarty and Tony Delk, stud Ron Mercer, role players who could fill in night to night. The team was a matchup nightmare. Just ask a bowled over UMass team or the runner-ups Syracuse who came into the Tourney with unbelievable momentum until they played UK. 

They were Untouchable for a reason. Because they were the best.  

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