Celtics-Lakers Showdown Preview 

The storied rivalry continues tonight as the Celtics and Lakers meet for the first time this season. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this evenings matchup:

Al Horford – Out

The big man entered into the NBA’s concussion protocol today meaning he must sit out the game tonight. Better safe than sorry, here’s hoping Big Al is okay and not suffering any real damage to his noggin. 

Key Match-Up

All eyes will be on the Point Guard position but the key match-up is not Kyrie vs Lonzo but actually Lonzo vs Lavar Ball’s Son. 

The kid has a target on his back and will for his whole career.  Facts is facts and it’s just something the dude will have to learn to deal with. 

So far this season it’s been a struggle and Lavar Ball’s Son is showing up more often than Lonzo Ball. He’s going against not just Kyrie but Marcus Smart and hell Rozier too. Will the Real Slim Shady show up? We shall see. 

Battle on the Boards

Will the rest of Boston’s bigs be able to contain Brook Lopez without Big Al. That’s the question. If Baynes and Mr. Nice Guy Daniel Theis neutralize Lopez then it’s game over for the All New Lake Show Crew. 

Just Kidding

This game should be a cake walk for the C’s. How embarrassing will the night be for the already embarrassed Ball Clan is really the only question? Will all of Lavar’s sons wish they were in a Chinese jail by the time the game is over?

Maybe folks maybe. 


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