Hi-Topper Top 5 – Chuckers

These white boys loved to shoot. Any angle, any distance, the more shots the better. 

5. Marshall Henderson – various schools mostly Ole Miss

The Land Shark was a hate him or really hate him guy who was mostly bat-shit crazy, super annoying but also kind of funny in a “wow that dude is a dick” sort of a way. And he did not pass the ball. Ever. Marshall put up shots. That’s what he did. Some nights a lot of them went in. Other nights not so much. 

4. Bobby Sura – FSU

Bobby Sura needs a College highlights YouTube mix stat because apparently one does not exist and that is a damn shame. So I’ll have to go by memory on this one and what I remember is Sura was a circus shot king. Crazy And-1s in traffic, jaw dropping dunks (for the mid 90s), that’s the images I have in my mind of Sura’s time at FSU. 

3. Rex Chapman – Kentucky

King Rex. Wildcat Legend. Could probably run for Governor of Kentucky and the state would just hand him the Office. The vertical leap on his jump shot was nuts. He was like three feet off the ground on his release. Pure Gunner. Off the dribble, stop and pop. Swish!

2. Jimmer Fredette – BYU

The Jimmer Man from loooooong range. The purist shooter on the list.  Jimmer was in range as soon as he rolled out of bed. At BYU he could put up points in a hurry. Volume shooter, volume scorer.

1. Pete Maravich – LSU

Pistol Pete. What to say when volumes have already been written. Just pure entertainment. Sit back and watch his College highlights then fall into a YouTube hole and watch more and more. 3,667 points in three years. 43.8, 44.2, and 44.5 points PER GAME. Insane!


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