Kicking off College Hoops Week – 2017-18 Preseason Awards

In addition to our stellar regular Sports World coverage this week at Hi-Topper HQ we will be bringing you the finest College Basketball Season Preview in all the (Internet) Land. 

To start things off we have our 2017-18 Preseason Awards. 

Best Name with a Boring Game Award

Jock Landale – St. Mary’s

An old-school back to the basket Center with a old-school Archie Comics name. There hasn’t been a player this aptly monikered since Fly Williams styled and profiled through the college game in the 70s. 

He’s Back? Award

Miles Bridges – Michigan State

Bridges shocked just about everyone by deciding to return to East Lansing. Anything short of a Final Four Run and Wooden Award Finalist season will be a disappointment. 

Gotta See What This Guys About Award

Marvin Bagley III – Duke 

Bagley skipped his Senior year in High School (the rules of NCAA eligibility- a mystery that might never be solved) to get to Durham this season. If slow-mo YouTube highlights of him dominanting 5-8 white kids is any indication he’ll be a cross between Larry Johnson and Joel Embiid. 

The Other Super Hyped Freshman Award

Michael Porter Jr. – Missouri 

Before Bagley reclassified it was Porter who was getting all the Freshman of the Year shine. Can he lift Mizzou to title contender from garbage can dweller in one year?

Another Year of Grayson Award

Grayson Allen – Duke

The guy who could have been a Top 10 pick after his Sophomore year is back for his Senior season. What kicks I mean tricks will Grayson have for us this year? The redemption arc is there for the taking.  What oh what will Grayson do this year?

2017-18 looks to be a great year in College Hoops. These are just a few of the guys who’ll be dominating the stat sheets and the headlines.  

Lil’ Dogg


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