Hardo(?) Hayward

As has been covered everywhere in town, and here by resident hoop-head Lil’ Dogg, Gordon Hayward was in the gym shooting from a chair. I’m here to ask, WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS?!?!

Bottom line is this. Sorry Dogg and all the Celtics fans out there who care about this, you’ve been duped. This is an utterly meaningless exercise. This is not a thing.

It doesn’t signify anything about his recovery…he didn’t hurt his arms or his ass.

He has been playing basketball for 20+ years, and he isn’t going to be playing competitively for like 6 months, so taking a few weeks off from shooting until he can stand isn’t going to make him rusty upon his return.

Nor does it mean he’s especially brave or tough. He presumably is driven by someone to a gym, where he’s fed a catered lunch, and then is sitting on a chair, shooting a basketball from 12 feet away. He is, in case you forget, a PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL PLAYER.

If anything it’s going to mess with his form. Do me a favor, get a ball, go to the local court and shoot from the foul line. Then sit down or kneel down and do it…it’s a completely different thing.

This is, at worst, Old Gordo pulling a page out of the Dustin Pedroia playbook. You may recall DP, in true Hardo fashion, took grounders on his knees before a game, of course while the media was assembled. If GH is pulling the same move, that would really bother me, because Hayward doesn’t seem like he has the JJ Watt streak in him.

At best, this is a misguided and phony PR stunt orchestrated by the team. This also bothers me because it shows no matter how far they’ve come, they still might have some of that tone-deaf Green Teamer approach. You’re better than that Celtics…you don’t need to pretend you’re relevant anymore, you actually are.

Either way, this isn’t good. As a true Celtics fan, I’m not too worried about it yet, but as a certain Drive Time Tough Guy might say “Sooory, but it has my antenna up”

Le Capitaine



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