All-Time Hi-Topper Guy – Al Dillard Arkansas 

I’ll be honest Hi-Topper Nation, this one is personal. 

Al Dillard – Arkansas Guard 1993-1995

The baggiest of baggy shorts hanging down to his calves, oversized T-Shirt billowing under his jersey, launching bombs from near mid-court Al Dillard looked like he came straight off the playground and onto the Razorbacks juggernaut mid-90s 40 Minutes of Hell Teams. He was everything this pup loved about basketball. 

Dillard was a JC transfer to Arkansas at the age of 24 and announced his presence with a record setting barrage of 12 three-pointers against Delaware State. 

I don’t think the ball touched the rim once. Just straight swishhhhhh!

And then there’s The Dunk –

I don’t care if someone pulls off a full flip off the backboard self alley-oop, this will still go down as the best in game dunk I have ever seen. 

Al had style on top of style. And he was noted Hog Fanatic President Clinton’s favorite player. 

Dillard could pulled up on a dime, curl off a screen or just launch from loooooong range. He’s the first guy I can remember who shot college threes from well past NBA range. The Ball Brothers May be notorious for long range shooting these days but Dillard did it first and best. His shot was pure and sweet and always seem to end with a net tickling swish. 

Sadly for Hoops fans like myself we only got two years of Dillard at Arkansas. But what a two years it was – a National Championship, back to back final games, and more three point splashes than I can count. For a guy that only averaged about 8 points a game for his career, he left us with memories that I’ll never forget. 

Thank you to an All-Time Hi-Topper, Al Dillard. 

Lil’ Dogg

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