A Penny for Your Thoughts – Hi-Top Heisman Talk

We are entering the height of #HeismanWatchSZN and Hi-Topper HQ is not immune to the hype. 

There’s a lot to debate when it comes to Heisman Watching. There’s statistics of course but you have to factor in team performance, win-loss records, National Title contention and then there is always the age old debate of Heisman-worthiness, does he have it, are there “character issues”, did he have a “Heisman Moment”, East Coast bias, late-night West Coast games…it’s enough to make the casual Heisman Watcher’s head spin. 

The usual names have been debated endlessly on unnamed less forward thinking, less creative blogs so I won’t waste your time, Hi-Topper Nation, rehashing those arguments. I’d rather focus our energy on one man who should be getting “Heisman Talk” but so far has not – 

Rashaad Penny – Running Back -San Diego State

Mr. Penny is no 1 cent player. He’s leading the FBS in Rushing at 1602 yards and is second in Touchdowns with 18. He had 234 yards and 3 TDs this past weekend. 

Watch him destroy this poor man and then ask why you haven’t heard his name more:

At the 1:00 minute mark here Mr. Penny drags a Rainbow Warrior like an off-season sled drill:

While certain other Heisman Hopefulls are wilting at big moments this Lucky Penny is proving he is worth far more than his name suggests. 

Lil’ Dogg


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