Weekend Winner

There were a lot of excellent performances this weekend – I hear people were impressed by the OU Quarterback, gamblers who took the over did alright, the new Thor movie made some money – but there can only be one Weekend Winner and this weekend it was the Boston Celtics. 

Look I get it. The season is just starting. People don’t really start paying attention to the NBA until Christmas. We’re in the heart of Football season. Yada Yada Yada. Well if you’re spouting off any of that then you’re missing out because this team is a treat. And this weekend was delightful. They showed real heart and hutzpah in coming back to win in OKC and followed that up with a dismantling of a Magic team that was getting plenty of NBA hipster love. 

This C’s team rebounds and plays D but also has plenty of highlight guys too. They pass, they move, they shoot, they dunk. They’re a feel good story after the Hayward injury. 

They’re all that and a bag of chips and they are your Weekend Winner. 
Lil’ Dogg


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