Waking Up to the Celtics Won…..what????

When the Lil’ Dogg called it a night the Celtics were down about 50 to OKC last night. The pup chalked it up to an off night, they’re bound to have one after winning six straight but no, not this year’s model of the Celtics. Apparently Kyrie went and did this:

The C’s outscored the Thunder 64-39 in the Second Half to get the comeback win. That’s some serious intestinal fortitude right there cuz they looked like straight doo doo to start the game. 

The addition of The Morris Twin is real nice. Big Al agrees:

And Al and Kyrie are gelling really really well:

Hi-Topper Nation is ALL IN on this C’s Team. 

And oh yeah, look at this:

Lil’ Dogg


One comment

  1. Possibly better than ’08, no 3 yr window until the old age home. These guys can be great for a long time… Get well Gordo!


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