Instant Hot Take – Baker Mayfield is NOT My Heisman

Baker Mayfield had exactly one high pressure throw during the track meet “Football” game we just witnessed and HE THREW AN INTERCEPTION. 

Yes he may have thrown for 600 yards and 5 TDs which is great except for the fact that OSU apparently wasn’t aware that playing pass defense was an option in this game. 

It was flag football. It was fun and entertaining as hell and yes I’d rather watch this game than the Steelers and Dolphins slug through a 10-7 snoozefest eight days a week but c’mon. 

Again. Mayfield has 1 throw to seal the Heisman. He tosses a TD or hell scrambles in and the trophy is his. But he threw a pick. 

Sorry not sorry. Theme the rules. Heisman still up for grabs. 
Lil’ Dogg


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