In Praise of the College Tailback

College Football is at its entertaining best when there are players who are literally men among boys, just so superior in athletic quality that they make the rest of the players on the field look like little children. 

And when that dominant player is the Tailback. Oh boy! In the NFL you get an 80 yard run maybe a handful of times a season.  But with a great college Tailback it’s on the table with every handoff. 

Okay okay I’ll admit as much as I love watching a great Tailback mostly this was all just a precursor to having an excuse to post this video of highlights of three of the best to ever carry a pigskin – Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker and Marcus DuPree. 

So sit back and get hyped for Saturday afternoon by watching those three tanks absolutely trucking poor 19 year old children. 

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