Un-decent Proposals

As I’m sure you’ve probably heard by now, in the aftermath of the Astros World Series victory, Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros proposed to his girlfriend immediately following his contractually obligated Ken Rosenthal interview. Now, Le Cap knows proposals, and I know that the public proposal isn’t always the best move. But, during the National TV interview, on the field, right after you won the World friggin’ Series….that is straight up baller. Well done, Carlos.

These sporting event proposals don’t always go so well, though. Our staff has dug up some of the more embarrassing moments that have occurred during Sporting Event Proposals:

Apparent Minor League Baseball Proposal


Now, this is just bad. David, you’re going ask her to spend the rest of her life with you, and you do it on the 3rd question of some locally sponsored trivia contest at a Rock Cats game?! If this is you bringing you’re “A” game, then where does it go from here? No wonder Jess said no…she had an immediate flash forward to her 10th Anniversary, where you take her to Applebees, you get hammered, check out the waitress, and she has to drive home.

Extra fail points for the Emcee, who will clearly never make it to the big leagues with those improve skills. He just started laughing, and then made it worse by pointing out the fact that he had just been laughing.


Olympian Katie Hoff


This is one where she actually says yes. But it’s still awful. Why?

Katie here, is a 3 time Olympic Medalist, world record holder, bunch of other shit….and she gets the honor of throwing out the first pitch. Granted it’s a Rays game, but it’s still an MLB first pitch. She’s standing there, on the field, as the PA guy is recounting her legitimate accomplishments and then….what? Oh, here comes TODD. Oh boy, Todd is going to come in and sweep her off her feet.

Who is this Todd, by the way?  If he had done anything somewhat noteworthy, I’m sure this announcer guy, who can’t stop talking, would have mentioned it. He’s is clearly a loser. And he knew she’s the one because “she could do 15 pullups”? What a tool. I’m sure Katie has probably invested $75k into his “personal training” business by now,  has seen no return, and he’s probably boning one of his rich clients. He just has that look to him.

Should have said no, Katie. You’re a strong, independent and accomplished woman. This guy is threatened by you, and your successes, and he’ll never feel like he’s out of your shadow. You don’t need TODD.

The Mascot did What?!


This poor bastard got dressed up like the “Chevy Chase Bank Man” while Kathy chases him around blindfolded. This is your plan, dude? Who are his friends that let him go through with this? Did he tell nobody beforehand? If unsure, always run it by a woman first.

Now, she was ok running around and looking like an idiot for money, which I get. I’ve done and would do much worse, myself. But to run around like an idiot, WIN THE GAME, and the find out it’s just you, and there’s no money! And not only that, you’re going to propose with the carcass of The Chevy Chase Bank man at your feet, in front of 16,000 people who were probably in on the joke?! Nah, I’m good.


Rockets Game


I have to admit, this one is a little suspect. Seems a little rehearsed to me, but I’m going to take it at face value, and pretend it’s real.

There is no context available, but it doesn’t seem to be disguised as a contest. He’s just a guy, standing at center court, asking a girl to agree to spend the rest of her life with him. And right away, the look on her face tells you, this isn’t going well. She tries to lean in and give him an explanation, but then just bails.

Then we have the Houston Rockets bear(?) trying to console the guy…he’s doing his best. What the hell is he supposed to do. The announcers are having a good old time with it, but you can tell they feel bad. The best part, though, is McGrady. He just can’t stop laughing at the poor bastard.

Now, again, if I have to bet, this thing is 1,000 percent fake. Even the announcer was hinting at it and she looked at the camera. But I enjoyed T-Mac so much, I included it anyway.


Le Cap


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