Theis is Nice (trust me it rhymes)

We here at HTTA love love LOVE this year’s Boston Celtics team. 1-12 the guys on this roster just get it. They each know their game, their role on the team and they all seem to be pulling for each other which is all trademark Hi-Topper Nation stuff. 

But only one guy can be #ourguy. Everyone knows that HTTA is full of #regularguys, just a bunch of working stiffs who do their jobs and do them well. 

Now Aaron Baynes has been getting a lot of the gritty guy love so far this season and rightfully so. Everyone loves a Kiwi and the nickname Bangers is a classic but this year Hi-Topper Nation has eyes for someone else. 

We are happy to announce that this basketball season #ourguy is Daniel Theis. We are #TeamTheis. Just have a look:

Theis is Nice –

The Berlin Wall –

Pick & Roll Master –

Just look at that smile – 

The one thing our beloved Daniel lacks is a solid nickname so our Hi-Topper nickname specialists are going to be trying out a few over the start of the season. 

So sit back and enjoy this Celtics hot streak and root on #ourguy Daniel “Mr. Nice Guy” Theis.


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