Cheer Up Sports World…and congrats Houston I guess

Congrats to the Astros and the good people of Houston but last night’s Game 7 sucked. No drama, no excitement. The game was a wrap by inning two and everyone knew it. The Dodgers laid a big fat egg at home and denied the sports world its greatest thrill, a tension filled, dramatic Game 7. 

So in order to make everyone feel a little less robbed this morning, here’s a few things more disappointing than last nights World Series ender:

The Seinfeld Series Finale

This episode’s legend grows worse with every rerun viewing on TBS.  Hot damn was this finale long and not funny. Oh look the Soup Nazi and The Virgin and the Marble Rye lady too. So bad. 

Johnny Football’s Pro Career

The list of NFL busts is endless but man o’ man this one hurt. JFF was gonna save Football in Cleveland. Not so much. 

Chinese Democracy 

We waited how long for this bloated pile of turd. Everyone knows Axl went nuts and peak Appetite era Guns is long gone but jeez was this album a wet fart. 

Dwight Howard’s Last Decade

In 2009 Howard would have been the odds on favorite to dominant the NBA for the next 10 years. Fast forward to 2018 and he’s a shell of a player and a walking punchline. 

The Matrix Reloaded

The first Matrix movie was a goddamn revolution. Seeing that in the theaters was like watching movies evolve to a new art form. The sequel…well pretty much the opposite. Reloaded did so much damage that I would venture to guess 75% of people who saw the original Matrix never bothered to watch the final third movie. I certainly still haven’t. 

So there you have it sports fans. Life is full of disappointment and unfulfilled anticipation and so is a Game 7 every once in a while. 

Again congrats Astros fans. May the burden of expectations not weigh you down until at least next Monday. 
– Lil’ Dogg


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