Utility Manager

It has been nearly a week since the Red Sox announced Alex Cora as their latest manager, plenty of time to reflect on the move and what skills he may bring to the bench over on Yawkey Way.  

In his time as a player with the Red Sox, Cora filled a valuable role as a utility player. He played a solid short, second, third and was even known to deliver Bagel-Bites to luxury apartments on Devonshire Street from time to time.  He literally did it all. 

Many have touted his experience as a utility infielder in support of his likely success as the Sox manager.  

Please. Like Cora is somehow going to connect better with Dustin Pedroia because he too has turned the 6-4-3 double play, or will identify with whatever average player the front office gives him to play third next year because he too has been harassed by some jackass Fidelity exec with seasons in section 60.  

No, Cora will rise or fall with the Red Sox young players’ bats.  If Mookie starts hitting as he has been hyped, and Benintendi takes the next step to greatness, he will be successful.  Likewise, if Steven Wright ends up in his starting rotation, he will be bound for two years of mediocrity. 
Bottom line, the experience of a manger as a player is irrelevant. What is relevant is that they have success managing in a gimmicky, Spring-training-interruptive international tournament. Cora checks that box, easily translating to a 95-win team, and an LCS exit! 

I wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors and remind him that the crisping sheet is to Bagel Bites as sabermetrics is to baseball, both are essential to a crisp performance. 

– EverdayJosef

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