Subtlety Sensational

Benny Gloves here…

Just watching the C’s roll along and had to check in and pen a quick blog in praise of Boston’s most under appreciated Super Star. The Subtle Sensation himself, Mr. Al Horford. Now I know that a lot of the Screaming Heads in the Boston #hottake media want to complain about Al’s “stats” for a cool $113 large. But I think they just read box scores. We here at HTTA actually watch the games and we know he has been worth all that $$$ and then some. Since it isn’t 1992 anymore, we Hi-Toppers don’t just see who scored the most points and say they are the best player. We appreciate subtlety.

Weakside boxouts? Check. Defensive Rotations? Check again. A big who can stretch and shrink the court at the same time? Al has got you covered.

He can defend all 5 positions on the court, is a perfect fit for Brad’s systems and his leadership is unquestioned in NBA circles.

So Al Horford, The Subtle Sensation, here’s to you. You’re the thinking fan’s choice and you are 100% HTTA approved.


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