Never fear, A New Underdog is here

Le Cap is always looking for an underdog to root for in sports. If you read my last post, regarding the Browns (still hurts), you know there is room in my heart for another. No sooner had I given up on the boys from the Mistake by the Lake, than the NCAA CFP committee hand delivered me the perfect underdog to root for, ranking the Alabama Crimson Tide 2nd, to the Georgia Bulldogs.

I know they have won 3 of the last 6 national titles, and were seconds from winning another last season, but when you look at the big picture, like I do, you see some signs of trouble.

Last January, head coach Nick Saban dismissed highly regarded offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin before the National Championship game. Steve Sarkisian took over the position for that game, and they hung 40 points on Clemson. Kiffin said the team would’ve won had he still been coordinator, but Saban seemed happy moving on with Sark. However, less than a month later, Sarkisian took the same job with the Atlanta Falcons, leaving Alabama in ruins. I have no idea how they were able to overcome such a tumultuous start to 2017.

Now, with Brian Daboll calling the plays, the team has clearly not been the same juggernaut. In their first 8 games, they’ve failed to break 40 points on two separate occasions, and are averaging under 300 rushing yards a game.

The issues are on the defensive side too, as they’ve allowed double digit points twice already this season. They are outscoring their opponents by a mere 266 points in their 8 contests. In one game, at Texas A&M, they only won by 8. It’s no mystery to me why the committee doubts these guys.

Another factor, I believe, is that the dark times that were the 2016 Recruiting class might finally be catching up to the Tide. They fell from 1st to 2nd in ESPN’s ranking of recruiting classes that year. That’s got to be a tough thing for a program to endure.

Now, as a huge admirer of Saban, I think they can right the ship, and still make a run at a title. I know I’ll be rooting hard for them every week, because Le Cap loves an underdog! I think I’m alone too…I’ve looked at all of the major publications, and literally don’t see one other person making ‘Bama their Underdog Pick to win a title. Remember who had it first!!!

Le Cap




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