Le Cap’s Emotional Breakup…with the Browns

Trade deadline has come and gone, and the clear loser, like with every other defined time frame in the last 50 years of football, is the Browns.

If you haven’t heard, the Browns apparently agreed to terms on a trade with the Bengals for quarterback AJ McCarron. After missing out on Carson Wentz, DeShaun Watson and Jimmy Garoppolo among others, the Browns finally seemed to have their man. I’m a Pats guy through and through, but I’m also a sneaky Browns fan. Loveable losers. So that’d make me happy.

Except, the Browns front office was too busy partying to call in the trade to the league.



WTF, Browns?! C’mon guys. I want to love you. I really do. You don’t follow anyone else’s rules, and that is sexy as hell. For god sakes you hired friggin’ Jonah Hill from Moneyball to be your chief strategist. But in all that “strategizing” you don’t think to have a friggin’ guy who’s job it is to call the goddamn league? I mean, you make enough trades…you’ve traded like 30 draft picks in the last two years. You know the routine!

I’ve tried to defend all of your craziness…god knows I’ve taken a lot of heat from my buddies about it. And I hate saying this, because it means Liberti is right, but there seems to be no limit to your insanity. I’ve seen relationships like this before, and it’s time I learn from how they always end. With you burning all my shit on the front lawn. We’re through…Browns. We’re done.

Don’t you dare try calling me, either. “Hey, it’s different now…we’re gonna take Josh Rosen, you’ll see…it’s not going to be like before”….bullshit. It’s always going to be the same. And I finally see that now. You said you were going to call (the league) and you DIDN’T CALL! You’re never going to change. It’s in your DNA for chrissakes, you’re from Cleveland. I hate you for what you’ve done to me…what you’ve done to US.


Le Cap



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