Weekend Winner

Welcome to your Monday Morning Weekend Winner.

This weekend we have the privilege of honoring a true sports hero. As you know the World Series has been quite exciting. Lots of HomeRuns (chicks dig the long ball or so I’ve been told), extra inning games, high scoring affairs. So who is it going to be – diminutive superstar Jose Altuve, Game 5 walk-off hero Bregman, red hot George Springer perhaps – while all those Astros players may have contributed to the team holding a 3-2 Series led, nobody contribute more than this guy:

We all know teams win or loose because of the actions of their fans. And there’s no more important fan move than the “throw the opposing team’s homerun back onto the field”. But when one fan fails to fulfill this sacred duty it falls upon a true hero to save the day and their team. 

So we salute you, extremely intense Astro’s Fan, we at Hi-Topper Nation know you are the real reason the ‘stro’s won last night and for this you are our Weekend Winner. 


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