Sportscaster Rankings – #27 Randall Laureat Cross

Welcome back to Hi-Topper Nation’s definitive Sportscaster Rankings*.
*trademark pending

Coming in hot at #27 is

Randy Cross

Mr. Cross is a rare breed, the athlete turned sportscaster who most people forget was a former professional player. More than just a former pro, Randy was a three time Pro Bowler and 3 time Champion, but for most football fans he’s primarily know as a broadcaster. 

Let’s get to the breakdown:

Remember all scores are based on the patented Hi-Topper 13 point scale. 

Tie-Knot Size – 9 – Tough call here. The knot appears to be a bit slim Randall. It could be the extra long collar, it’s hard to tell. Even if it is an optical illusion, the end result is the same. No good. 

Sideburns – 13 – Perfection here from Mr. Cross. Straight across would have been wrong but too long would have been just as bad. Randy got this one just right. 

Head Hair – 13 – The Silver Fox look just works here for Randy. Most guys would be too insecure and go heavy on the dye but not ol’ Randall, he knows who he is and it shows. 

Face Hair – 4 – Randy Cross is a mustache guy. Always has been and always should be. Just take a look:

Getting rid of the ‘stache was a bad bad move Randy. 

Suit – 10 – Classic dark suit. Gets the job done. Solid choice here and the score backs it up. 

Overall Score – 49 out 65

– Lil’ Dogg


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