RED ALERT POST- Jimmy G Edition

*Warning: This post is satire-free.

I have been saying the Pats’ should trade Jimmy since the Arizona game last year. The chances he’s as good as the 6 quarters he played, is slim at best. The best argument fans had for him being that good was the very fact that “Bill sees him everyday, and keeps him here, so…”. Well, folks, sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, you’re wrong. Not to mention, the guy is soft as 3-ply Charmin. One hit, he’s out, and stays out longer than the team thought he should.

In many ways, Jimmy does have the profile to be a very good QB in the league. But potential without execution is nothing. I always thought Lil’ Dogg and Bennygloves would kick ass at spitting out original content, but until I witnessed it happening, I couldn’t be sure.

Really, I just think there are enough questions there, that once you factor in Brady’s apparent timeline, the team’s current state, and their near future needs, it didn’t make sense to keep the guy. He was here strictly as an insurance policy. It’s always been, and remains, a risk-reward play. As kind of like the Bill of the Hi-Top team, I understand the mentality. Magnates got to make the tough calls.

My biggest problem with trading the fair prince, is why did they wait this long?

I don’t for one second think they were going to get two first rounders at draft time, but could they have gotten more than a 2nd? I think so, absolutely. Also, you could’ve had another backup in here throughout camp, and wouldn’t be stuck having to fill that spot mid-season.

I do have one small concern with the return, as well. Contrary to what fans are already saying, a 2nd rounder in a mid-season trade for an expiring contract is a hefty return. But, with the utter implosion of Sam Darnold, the once-thought strong QB class, isn’t quite what it should have been. Factoring that in, I thought the return may be better. I maybe would’ve expected another mid-late pick, or a player coming back with the 2nd round pick.

All in all, I don’t think this team was going to win if 12 goes down, regardless of who the backup was. I think the likelihood is that Jimmy is closer to Matt Schaub than Aaron Rodgers. And, I feel that the Patriots have added an asset that they might free them up to do something for themselves at the deadline, without mortgaging the near-future.


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