Lebron James to NFL – “This is how to throw a Pass”

Quarterbacks in the NFL stink. Everyone knows this but if you happen to be unaware of this basic fact of life, here’s a list of the current top 15 

QBs in the league:

A rookie sits at #1. Aaron Rodgers isn’t even playing anymore and he’s #8. Roethlisbereger is a walking corpse and he’s still in the top 15. 

All this to say that a basketball player threw the best football pass all weekend:

Velocity  ✔️ 

Accuracy ✔️ 

Tight Spiral ✔️

He hits the receiver in stride in open space, it’s all there. 

Now a lesser blogger than I would take this opportunity to make a lame Cleveland Browns joke. I won’t do that it. Frankly it’s beneath me and the people of Cleveland deserve better but I will say this – I heard rumor from sources that the Browns are considering some personnel changes and well….


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