Tale of the Tatum

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Le Cap is enjoying the Jayson Tatum era so far, as I’m sure most Celtics fans are. I’m willing to concede he’s already surpassed Tatum O’Neal on the “Tatum” Rankings. But how does he stack up against the long running #1 Tatum, Channing? Let’s check it out.



Channing:  From Alabama, of mostly English descent

Jayson:   From Missouri, said to be a Polished Scorer

Edge:  Jayson


High School Athletics

Jayson:  Gatorade National Player of the Year, McDonald’s All American, averaged 30-10 Senior year

Channing:  Played football, Baseball, track and did Martial Arts, voted Most Athletic

Edge:  Channing



Channing:  Recruited by a Miami modeling agency

Jayson:  5-star recruit, rated #3 recruit in national class according to ESPN and Rivals

Edge:  Jayson



Jayson: Went to Duke on basketball scholarship, 1 year

Channing: Glenville State on football scholarship. Dropped out, but did play “Duke” in two GI Joe movies

Edge:  Channing



Channing:  Dancer in Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” video, and starred opposite Amanda Bynes in She’s the Man (43% Favorable on Rotten Tomatoes)

Jayson: Shined in NBA Summer League in Salt Lake, stars opposite Jaylen Brown, debuted regular season with a Double-Double

Edge: Jayson



Channing:  Was a roofer, stripper, and starred in 21 Jump Street

Jayson:  Has a high ceiling, developing defender, and is not yet 21

Edge:  Channing




This is a tough one. At this point, though, there just isn’t enough track record to put Jayson ahead. He may develop into a star 2 way player, but Channing has excelled in comedic and dramatic roles, plus he can dance.


Le Capitaine


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