Referees – The Last Bastions of Decency Left in a Crazy World

College has always been a haven for the debauched and deplorable. Students in name only, they party and protest their days away, free to flaunt society’s norms.

In the past we, normal non-college America, have relied on the wisdom and guidance of the sacred members of the NCAA to ensure that Student-Athletes were able to separate themselves from those ruffian Students. A clear distinction was made, standards were set and upheld with vigor. Student-Athletes were pure, honest and trustworthy, just kids who loved their sport and their academics and nothing else. 

But lately the public’s faith in the NCAA institution has been tested and broken. I won’t rehash the scandals here for it’s far too painful to relive what has been done to the NCAA’s wonderful reputation. 

All this is to say that it has now fallen to the feet of Referees to be the Men and Women who can keep Amateur Athletics from devolving into a sorry state of depravity and wickedness. 

Please bare witness to the heroic actions performed in yesterday’s Tulsa-SMU football contest. 

America pay heed, we cannot allow the wanton lewdness of your average College Student to be reflected by the Student-Athletes playing on the football field. The Gridiron is a pure and holy place, free from the vices of everyday life. The Game is sacred and must be treated as such! 

We cannot, I repeate CANNOT, allow expressions of joy on the football field. 

I for one, stand up and applaud these brave referees. For they are they only ones in the World of Higher Academics, upholding the standards we Americans expect of our Student-Athletes. 

– HBT Opinion Giver


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