In Defense of the Video Review

Listen Hi-Topper Nation, I hear a lot of complaining that there are too many Video Reviews happening during football. Every catch, first down spot, field goal attempt, intentional grounding, roughing the passer, personal foul, two feet in, one pinky toe out – it’s all “Under Reiew”. But I have to tell you, if you are tuning in to the football FOR the football, well then I’m sorry not sorry, but you’re doing it all wrong. 

The Video Review is where it’s at. Tension, drama, suspense. A Video Review has it all. There’s more “Will They, Won’t They” in one goalline “Did the Ball cross the plane?” review than the entire Ross/Rachel saga on Friends. 

Just look at the majesty of Mr. Alberto  Riveron breaking down this review:

And here the knee is clearly down, but would we know that FOR SURE without a Video Review:

So Hi-Topper Nation, the choice is yours. You can continue tuning into to the game to watch the football but I’ll be tuning into the football to watch the real game – The Video Review. 


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