The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

The Florida- Georgia game is today, and it used to be billed as The WLOCP- in today’s PC society, the parties involved have decided to not use that name “officially”. But c’mon. It is what it is. And no offense to Tim from accounting, your annual block party is not worthy of the title.

Le Cap, Lil’ Dogg and some other guys made the trip down to Jacksonville a few years back for Jozef’s bachelor party. Let me tell you, even though approximately 100% of people who have been to the city will tell you Jacksonville is an armpit-  for one weekend a year, it’s the greatest place on earth.

Halloween costumes, friendly southerners, sunshine, sundresses, bowties, tailgate parties complete with couches, DJ”s, karaoke machines…this place was a scene. At one point we were either too stupid, or too hammered to work our $30 Walmart charcoal grill, so the lovely young lady in the car next to us offered her grill, and her food to the a-hole Yankees…and just like that we had friends in a strange land.

Another nice gentleman, who I’m pretty sure was just there looking for cans, carried our cooler for us on the walk to the stadium for $20 and some free Coors lights. On the way we stopped off a about 10 different tailgates and entered several drinking contests- obviously won them all.

So all you Northerners- Le Cap is an honorary Southerner- who think a BC game, or getting into P10 at Gillette when it opens 3 hours before kickoff, is a real cocktail party, you need to experience the 9 hours of beautiful goodness that is an SEC tailgate.


Le Capitaine


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