OKC Thunder Plane Attacked. MonStars to blame? An NBA Mysteries Investigation 

Lil’ Dogg P.I. back on the case here as yet another NBA Mystery is unfolding. Let’s get right into it:

The Mystery

Last night the OKC Thunder team plane experienced a rough flight and upon landing discovered the following damage:

Several Thunder players weighed in:

What could have possibly cause such damage?
Suspect #1 -Birds

Flocks of birds are long known to cause damage to aircrafts. However this is common ONLY during takeoffs and landings – lower altitude situations. 

The following info is from highly respected Avian Expert Fred Katz:

The damage to Thunder plane occurred mid-flight at high altitude. 

Thus in this Investigator’s mind birds must be ruled OUT. 

Suspect #2 – The MonStars

The MonStars, formerly known as the Nerdlucks, are evil aliens led by a Mr. Swackhammer, with a known grudge against NBA Supertars. 

Note – The OKC Thunder are now a 3 Superstar team. This makes them a prime target for a MonStars attack. 


Take a look at this profile view of the plane’s damage:

Now take a look at some file photos of the MonStars themselves:

The circumference of the damage to the nose of the plane is nearly identical to the circumference of a MonStars’ balled fist. 


There could be only one culprit in this case. The facts are quite clearly indisputable. 

Verdict – The MonStars are GUILTY

Continuing MonStar attacks on the superstars of the NBA should be expected and I would highly suggested other teams take the appropriate actions to protect their stars. 

– Lil’ Dogg P. I. 


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