Innocence Lost

Benny Gloves here…

Thank god for football, otherwise I wouldn’t have known anything about the absolute tragedy that is occurring in the world of American Soccer. Apparently, some carpet bagging Art Modell wannabe is planning to move the beloved Columbus Crew over 1000 miles away to Austin Texas.

Now look, ya boy Gloves doesn’t know or care about soccer unless his kid is on the team (2 goals today, no big deal), but this seems have greatly upset the good people of Columbus OH, so much that almost all the signs in the crowd shots of a well known college football pregame show, which was filmed on location at Ohio St today, were #savetheCrew. If Buckeye fans were willing to stop worrying about why 10th year Senior QB JT Barrett hasn’t improved at all from when he started as a true Freshman to weigh in, then you know it must be serious.

And it is. The internet tells me that the Crew are an Original MLS franchise, who have won won three Supporters’ Shields (whatever that is???), and added an MLS Cup in 2008. More importantly, Columbus’s Mapfre Stadium was the first soccer-specific-stadium in MLS history and laid out a blueprint for financial feasibility, leading the league out of situations in which teams played in huge, largely empty, NFL arenas.

So look, again I don’t care about soccer, but I do care about the #regularguys (and gals) who root for the hometown laundry only to have out of towners chase $$$ in “greener pastures.” Austin has plenty going for it, or so the Food Network tells me… cool slogan, hipster food scene, music. If it wants an MLS team Austin should get its own, hands off Columbus’s. Hi-Toppers, I think this might be important and I think it’s time to take a stand. Time to put the might of High Topper nation behind it… it’s time to #KeepColumbusCrew

Plus I don’t think American Soccer can survive another blow right now. Besides spending 50 years as America’s next big thing, and the recent USMNT’s embarrassment, I don’t think American Soccer fans will tolerate finding out that their sport behaves just like all the others they have look down on when it comes to greed and tax breaks.


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