If You Cared, You’d Box Out

I have played on more than a few winless basketball teams, from middle school, throughout high school and of course the legendary 2006 Wellington Circle Boston Sports Club Green Team. A team that consisted of Le Cap’s cousin who single-handedly kept us within 30 points of a tie week in, week out, and Lil Dog among others. 

This team’s greatest achievement was teaching Everyday Josef’s brother Once-a-Week Tim, a wrestler by trade, that when an opponent throws the ball at your legs to avoid losing possession out of bounds, it is not an attack and should not inspire a melee. It also made HBT Opinion Giver realize he actually isn’t tall. 

The biggest issue with that legendary team other than the fact that it was a C level team forced to play in an A level league, was consistently dunked on, and only had two people that could arguably shoot, was the collective unwillingness and inability to box out. 

As I sit 10 feet away from all the other parents jockeying for position to watch their little ones through the 4’ x 6’ plexiglass window at ballet this morning, I realize that I got to where I am in life because I refuse to box out. 

I guarantee if I got low enough, I could easily clear out all but one of the moms I see standing on their tippy toes to watch the teacher try and convince three year olds to stand still. I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s not that I do not care, it is that I do not care enough. 

That, I suppose is why I am also sitting here at a high top table.  I am sure I could fight my way up to a bar stool to watch some sports, or grab a drink, but here at a high top table you can still see the TV, and the waitstaff will bring your drink to you! 

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when you have to box out, but for everyone of those times, there is twice as many instances where you get a back-rimmer bouncing all the way out to you in the perimeter for a clear, uncontested jumpshot.  I would of course follow that with an air ball, but nonetheless the opportunities are there. 

 Now, I must prepare myself for the obligatory: “you were great today honey (just don’t ask for any specific critiques)!” 

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