CFB – Lost Legend Chris “Look at My Belly” Zorich

If there’s one characteristic that embodies the spirit of the Hi-Topper life its STYLE. Whatever you do, do it with style. 

The Hi-Topper Lost Legends series highlights players who all had one thing in common – style by the mile. They may not have been the best but they sure looked good gettin’ it done.

Chris Zorich – Notre Dame Nosetackle

You literally can’t find a photo of Zorich in a Irish uniform that isn’t a belly baring masterpiece.

 A lot of guys showed skin in the late 1980s but nobody rocked the cutoff jersey better than Zurich. 

A Human Wrecking Ball, a bundle of energy, always in the mix causing havoc and firing up his team and the crowd, Zorich was a love him or hate him player. For Irish fans he was the heart of their 1988 Championship team. For Irish haters he seemingly played for 6 or 7 seasons and never seemed to graduate. “Zorich is STILL PLAYING????” you’d ask yourself years after the title winning season as Zurich clogged up the middle against your team. 

Salute to a Lost Legend – Chris Zorich and his majestic belly lives on in the hearts of college football fans. 

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