BC 35 FSU 3…..Whaaaaaaat!

Hi-Topper Nation waking up to absolutely shocking news this morning.

Boston College is good at football?!?!?


Florida State is really really really bad this year. Epically bad. Down right smelly. Considering the Seminoles started the season ranked #3 with four first place votes this may be the biggest “No actually this team sucks” situation of all-time. 

And now this. A loss to Boston College. And not just an L but a thrashing. An absolute beat down. 

How the mighty have fallen and could this be, perhaps, by chance, just maybe a turn toward glory returning to Chestnut Hill??? (Glory being a relative term here – mid-level bowl games, 3/4 stadium full of “SuperFans”, a RB picked in the 4th round of the draft – that level of glory)

BC seems headed to perhaps an 8-4 or 7-5 season. A bowl game for sure. The Beef O’ Brady has to be in their sights. Pretty respectable considering where they’ve been the last few years. 

And what oh what to make of ol’ FSU. Coach Bobby is probably…well let’s be honest he has no clue what’s going on with this team and couldn’t care less…but the Seminole faithful must be worried. It only takes one disaster season to send a program off course for years. 

And let’s face it college football is just better when Florida State is good…or is that Norte Dame…nah ND always sucks. 
– Lil’ Dogg

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