The Dogg House

Happy Friday, Hi-Topper Nation. It’s been a good week, no catastrophic injuries to speak of, but still something needs to be sent to the Dogg House, it’s just the way it has to be. 

This week’s Dogg House resident is Autumn. 

October is supposed to look like this:

Colorful leaves covering the ground. Beanie hats and sweaters. Maybe even a no jacket, sweater-scarf combo. Crisp air. Hot cider. That’s autumn. I look forward to the month of October all year. October in New England is perfection. 

But not this year. This has been my autumn:

Scorched earth temperature. Raking leaves soaked in sweat. 

No. This pup ain’t having it. Now we’re gonna go straight from 80 degrees to rain to 40 and I don’t get my beautiful partly sunny 60 degree New England Fall day. 

Not cool Autumn. Not cool. Straight to the Dogg House you go. 

– Lil’ Dogg


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