Step by Step Guide to Building the Perfect Halloween Shaving Cream Can Sprayer

Piggybacking off of Le Cap’s excellent must read oral history of Halloween in the Wild Wild West Medfid, here’s a step by step guide to building the perfect shaving cream can weapon of mass destruction. 

Supplies – 

1 Arisol Shaving Cream Can 

1 Extra Large Sewing Needle – thicker the better otherwise your can will clog

1 Lighter


Insert the needle into the shaving cream can nozzle. Make sure the needle is centered. 


Use the lighter to melt the nozzle around the needle. 


Remove needle. 

That’s it. Easy as 1 2 3 and you have yourself a lean mean shaving cream shooting machine. 

Now go out their and get messy on Halloween night. 

– Lil’ Dogg

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