Hi-Topper Top 5 – Best World Series HRs

Just another day at Hi-Topper HQ doing what we do best – totally definitive arbitrary lists. In honor of World Series Game 2’s bananas amount of home runs, we’re taking a look at the Top 5 Most Hi-Topper Approved World Series Home Runs. 

Ding Dong City here we come.

5. Kirk Gibson Dodgers – 1988 

Lots of talk that this should be higher up the list but people forget it was just Game 1. 

4. Ricky Henderson -1989

The only thing cooler than ending a game with a home run is opening a game with a home run. Okay maybe not quite, but Ricky just makes it look so damn good. 

3. Darryl Strawberry – 1986

Trigger Warning to the Red Sox Faithful here but I think 30 years and 3 titles is enough to be able to appreciate the beauty of a long and lanky “Darryl Darryl” moonshot. My eight year old self lived and died with Rich Gedman and Co. but even then I secretly loved Strawberry and his sweet sweet swing. 

2. Kirby Puckett Twins – 1991

I prefer to pretend that Kirby Puckett exists forever in this one and only moment. 

1. Joe Carter Blue Jays – 1993

World Series Walk-Off Homerun. Nuff said. 

-Lil’ Dogg


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