Friday Night Flicks – HS Football Movies

Friday nights in the Fall means one thing – High School Football. But what’s better than being the weird rando attending the High School game is watching movies at home on a Friday night about High School Football. So let’s do what we do and rank the Top 5 Best High School Football Movies. 

5. Johnny Be Good

Somewhere around 1986 Anthony Michael Hall grew 8 inches and put on about 50 pounds. He stopped looking like the Physics Club President and started looking like a bona fide QB1. This movie was his attempt to put his nerd past in the rear view. Didn’t work at all but this movie does boast a completely bonkers Robert Downey Jr. co-starring effort (10 bags of coke deep for sure) and the first on-screen appearance of Uma Thurman. That gets this movie something I guess. 

4. Lucas

Okay okay I’ll admit this is only tangentially a High School Football movie. But it does boast the most unrealistic movie football scene in history when Lucas gets his block knocked off. Mostly this is just an underrated forgotten 80s gem that deserves to be seen. RIP to the GOAT Corey Haim. Oh yeah Lucas also basically invented the SLOW CLAP (programming note – be on the look out for the Top 10 – Slow Claps coming soon)

3. Friday Night Lights

A lot of people in Hi-Topper HQ clamoring for this one to be higher up the list. It is a great flick for sure but the simple fact is the TV show is 1000% better which has to knock the movie down a few slots. Sorry not sorry. Facts are facts. 

2. Varsity Blues

Minor upset here but it’s just the more entertaining Texas football movie. Plus it’s got the line of all lines, perfect for any occasion:

1. All the Right Moves

Pre- superstar Tom Cruise. Peak Lea Thompson. The most realistic HS Football movie ever made. Heartbreaking. Gut wrenching. Bad coaching decisions. Even worse coaching decisions. A note perfect High School party scene. It has everything. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s appointment viewing. 

Thats it. That’s the list. Eff off Remember the Titans. 

– Lil’ Dogg

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