Friday Fantasy Showdown – Mayday Malone vs Mr. Baseball

Welcome to Friday Fantasy Showdown where we pit two fictious athletes or teams  against one another and analyze who would win. 

Today we have a Pitcher vs Batter matchup for the ages. Will it be a strikeout or homerun? Let’s find out. 

Pitcher – Sam “Mayday” Malone

Bio – Mayday was a Middle Relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox from 1972-1978.  His career stats are 16-30 in 207 G (1 GS) with a 4.01 ERA in 312 2/3 IP with 109 BB and 40 Strikeouts. 

Strengths – Mayday’s ERA isn’t too shabby for a middle reliever who probably entered a lot of games in tough spots where a couple of mistakes can really blow that stat out of proportion. A six year stint in the Show as a relief pitcher is nothing to sneeze at either especially in the mid-70s when relievers were about as respected as a clubhouse bathroom attendant. 

Weaknesses – Where to start. That walks-to-strikeouts ratio is…how do you say…not good. Not good at all Sam. Certainly nowhere near his success rate with women. 

Batter Jack “Mr. Baseball” Elliot

Bio – Elliot was a first baseman for the NY Yankees. A vetran he presumably spent most of the 1980s with the club but this is the Yanks of the 80s we’re talking about here, hardly the glory years. 

Strengths – Led the Yankees in 9th inning Doubles in the month of August. Did manage to hit 7 home runs in 7 games with the Chunichi Dragons. 

Weaknesses – A bit long in the tooth, Elliot batted .235 in his final season with NY and struggled mightily upon arriving in Japan. 

The Matchup

This one was not pretty folks. Mayday got himself in a not-so-nice 2-0 hole right from the start while he tried to calm his nerves and gain some composure. After getting a generous call from the Ump on a low and away fastball, he evened up the count when Elliot fouled off a 2-1 curveball. Another foul followed by a 59 foot curve put us at dramatic full count showdown. Mayday dug deep and with Elliot looking fastball, Mayday was able to get the strikeout on a balls-of-steel 3-2 changeup.

Winner – Sam “Mayday” Malone


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