Thursday Night Football – Key Matchups Breakdown

Big time matchup tonight for TNF – Dolphins at Ravens. But let’s face facts here Hi-Topper Nation, both of these teams have Offenses that are about as exciting as your Granny’s Thursday Night Knitting Circle. This game has a 12-9 score line written all over it so in order to predict a winner the Hi-Topper Stats Department had to really dig deep to uncover the advantages. Let’s see what they found:

Best TV Series set in your City

Miami – Miami Vice

Baltimore – The Wire

Advantage – Baltimore 

Surprisingly close call here. Miami Vice has cultural cache up the wazzo, basically defines the early 80s but The Wire is literally the only thing most people know about Baltimore, or at least the only thing people want to talk about. Where’s Wallace?

Vice your City is Known for

Miami – Cocaine

Baltimore – Murder

Advantage – Miami 

Gotta go with Miami here. Murder’s not cool yo. 

Most Famous Resident (Past or Present)

Miami – Luther “Luke” Campbell

Baltimore – Edgar Allen Poe

Advantage – Miami

Easy win for Miami here. Uncle Luke IS Miami. 

Winner – Miami

Looks like it will be the Dolphins over the Ravens tonight. Stats don’t lie folks. 
– Lil’ Dogg


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