The Fultz Conundrum – Another NBA Mystery Investigation

Another day, another NBA mystery and you know Hi-Topper Nation, that the Lil’ Dogg is always on the case. I’ve sifted and sniffted my way through the evidence and I do believe this pup has picked up the scent and solved the case of “Fluid In/Fluid Out – The Markelle Fultz Conundrum.”

For the uninitiated, here are the basic facts:

Fact 1 – Fultz’s Shot is JACKED UP!!!

Fact 2 – Fultz gets fluid DRAINED from shoulder

In this initial Woj Bomb report, Fultz’s agent stated that Fultz’s shoulder issues were so severe that he couldn’t lift his arm and that he had fluid drained from said shoulder. IMPORTANT NOTE –  the above screen shot is of a LIKE made by Fultz’s Twitter account of a Rachel Nichols’ retweet of a Wojo tweet. Remember this. 

Fact 3 – Is Fact 2 in fact a Fact?

In a secondary Woj Bomb report, Fultz’s agent now claimed that a cortisone shot was actually given to Fultz and no fluid drain took place. 

So which is it – Fluid In or Fluid Out?

The Evidence 

The biggest clue to solving this mystery comes from Markell’s Fultz himself. The “Like” made by Fultz on his Twitter account of the Rachel Nichols “Retweet with Comment” of  the Woj Bomb “Tweet with link to Full Story” is the most damning piece of evidence I have ever seen in all my week of investigating NBA mysteries. 

While everyone who is anyone knows that “Likes do not constitute endorsements” this is only true IF you explicitly say so in your Twitter Bio. And it just so happens that I have managed to obtain a copy of Markelle Fultz’s fully binding Twitter Bio:

As you can plainly see no where in his Bio does Fultz state that “Likes do not constitute endorsements”. (Also it’s pretty suspect that he’s not following @HiTopAthletics – mash that follow button peeps) 


The facts have been presented, the evidence parsed and the endorsing “Like” of the original Woj Bomb Tweet is just too damning. 

Verdict – FLUID OUT


Lil’ Dogg P. I. 


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