Stranger Things 2 – 1984 Music Wish List

Stranger Things 2 debuts at midnight tonight. The second installment of the series is set 1984. 

This is important because 1984 is arguably, probably, most definitely the greatest year in music history. Purple Rain, Born in the USA, Like a Virgin and Thriller (technically Dec of 83 but c’mon) all came out in 1984. 

So in honor of 1984’s pop music kicking major ass I have compiled a Wish List of songs to be featured in Stranger Things 2. I have no idea if any of these songs are actually in the show – these are just 10 awesome songs that should be there. And to make this more interesting (and show just how deep 1984 rolls) I’m excluding anything by Prince, MJ, Madonna and Bruce and any song primarily from a movie – T’s & P’s for Hear it for the Boys. 

10. Major Tom by Peter Schilling

Just a “cool vibe” song.  The tempo changes and atmospherics just set a perfect tone that matches the show. “Earth is falling…”

9. New Moon on Monday by Duran Duran

I ride or die for Duran Duran and I won’t apologize for that ever. This song kicks. 

8. Wrapped Around Your Fingers by The Police

A perfect make-out scene song. 

7. Say It Isn’t So by Hall & Oates

Hall & Oates are the true Kings of Pop. A great song for any driving slow in a car scene. 

6. Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell

A bit on the nose yes but still a great one hit wonder pop song. 

5. Eyes Without a Face by Billy Idol

The PERFECT song for Stranger Things. If this song isn’t heavily featured in an important scene someon needs to be fired. 

4. Owner of a a Lonely Heart by Yes

All-time great chorus. 

3. Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins

Another fireable offense song if this isn’t soundtracking a slow dance in the High School gymnasium. 

2. The Warrior by Scandal

Shout-out to Benny Gloves, he is The Warrior. 

1. Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper
Stone cold tearjerker. If you don’t well-up to this one you have no heart. “If you fall I will catch you I will be waiiiiiting…”

Honestly this list could have been 200 songs long. Hit up the comment section with your picks. 



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