Brady-Cooks to Replace Hightower

With news of Hightower going to IR and out for the season, the New England sportswriters are vying for their chance to guess how Belichick will patch together a replacement.

They can all stop. Tom Brady and Brandin Cooks will replace Hightower. No, I am not suggesting that Brady will take his dinky little shoulder pads over to the defensive huddle, he has much less practice tackling than all of his QB contemporaries. He will simply have to throw a few extra touchdown passes over the course of the rest of the season.  Finally getting on the same page with Cooks will produce more than needed.

More significant than Hightower’s loss, is the number of coin tosses lost this year.  More instances of deferring the kickoff will do more for the Pats D than anyone player. The score-then-receive sequence that has benefited the Pats so many times in the Brady era has not been seen yet this year. That can hide almost any deficiencies, and make anyone forget a rousing halftime speech from whoever the 2017 version of Dan Campbell is.

So cheer up Le Cap, no torn pec will ruin this season, it will more likely be a missed extra point.



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