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Benny Gloves here… going back to back with the late night blogs

So as I mentioned earlier, momentous day at the GLOBAL Main Office of HTTA. And that’s right I do mean GLOBAL. See Le Cap’s little blog that could got its first international view. So ‘sup Bangladesh, I see you over there. And if there’s one thing the #bigthinker taught me, it’s that you got to give the readers what they want, so here it goes…

Apparently the Bangladesh National Cricket team is involved in a series against South Africa, and it has not been going well. Our boys from Bangladesh seem to have been soundly defeated by SA in both the Tests and the ODI’s. They haven’t been within 100 runs of the South African’s, except for the time they lost by 10 wickets.

If you ask me it’s a little unfair that they changed the scoring mechanism on our boys from game to game, but I guess you can’t put anything past the squad from SA.

Now it seems like a lot of the blame is being placed at the feet of Chandika Hathurusingha who appears to be the manager and “selector” (hey, if you want him to cook the meal you gotta let him shop for the groceries), but he’s not the one out there being the bowler or the batsman. I mean coaches coach (and I guess select if they get the correct political backing, apparently) but players play. And our supposed Big 3 of Soumya Sarkar, Sabbir Rahman and Mustafizur Rahman just haven’t been as advertised. I mean sure Soumya hit a few fifties during tests earlier this year, but where is the guy who burst on the scene in 2015? Also can we blame Hathurusingha for Mustafizur’s shoulder surgery? Or Sabbir’s inability to find consistency, even though Hathurusingha has tried to get him going by moving him all around the order? And don’t even get me started on Mosaddek Hossain’s eye infection

Things don’t get any easier as there are 2 more matches against SA (Thursday and Sunday) in the T20.

So let’s step it up Bangladesh National Cricket team because now HTTA is watching, and we don’t back losers.


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  1. Legendary Benny…just unbelievable. That’s dedication to your craft and why we are probably one of the fastest growing Boston-Bangladesh focused blogs


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