Top 10 All-Time Hi-Topper Guys – CFB Players Category 

College Football season is in full swing and there’s nothing better to do on a Wednesday afternoon with Saturday seemingly so far off in the distance than to do what we here at Hi-Topper HQ do best – Arbitrary Rankings. 

Presenting the Top 10 All-Time Hi-Topper Guys in College Football. 

10. Johnny Football Manziel

It’s truly unfortunate that Johnny’s sad pro career and various off-field shenanigans have overshadowed just how exciting it was to watch Johnny Football play QB1 at Texas A&M. Style, skill and a shit-talking attitude with the game to back it up, JFF took the SEC by storm for two glorious seasons. Many have forgotten. Hi-Topper Nation has not. 

9. Dee Dowis 

There really is nothing like watching a well oiled Triple Option machine being run to perfection. And nobody did it better than Air Force’s Dee Dowis. T’s & P’s for Dee who sadly passed last year and is no doubt tossing perfectly timed down field pitches up in Heaven. 

8. Eric Bieniemy

A Lil’ Dogg personal favorite, Bieniemy was the do-everything Back for the dominant Colorado Buff teams of the late 80s/early 90s. Colorado were the hip cool kids back in the day before the Oregon Ducks (and before the various scandals and infractions derailed the program). And Bieniemy was the coolest of the cool. 

7. Brian The Boz Bozworth

Say what you will about The Boz but the man had style and the man could play (at least when he was jacked on roids at OU). 

6. Ike Hilliard & Chris Doering

Nothing in College Football history screams Hi-Topper Nation more than the Fun & Gun Offense and Hilliard & Doering were the lynchpins. All they did was catch TDs for the Ol’ Ball Coach. 

5. Rohan Marley

The U is stacked with players that could make this list but this lil’ pup has a soft spot for the undersized guy who knocks you on your ass when you underestimate him. And that was Rohan Marley. He went 100 MPH at all times and hit like a ton of bricks. His dad may have been a Legend but the son was one hell of a cult hero himself. 

4. Major Harris

Major Harris was just pure excitement. Running or passing, a touchdown was in the cards every time the ball was snapped into his hands. Multi-dimensional is an understatement. Harris had moves that were inter-dimensional and out of this world. 

3. Deion Sanders

Prime Time. As good of Pro as he was I think he may have been an even better college player. Just unbelievable style and unbelievable speed. That’s a deadly combination. 

2. Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson was more than a football player at Auburn. He was a force of nature. Physically dominant, it was like having a bulldozer playing tailback, only the bulldozer also had a Ferrari engine. 

1. Barry Sanders

If you have never seen Barry in the OSU black & orange you are in for one helluva treat. More than just a tailback, Sanders was a verifiable Touchdown Machine. Watching Barry return kickoffs and punts is truly watching a genius at work, finding space where there is none, knowing exactly when to cut and then pure speed. No one did it like Barry Sanders. 

Sit back and enjoy:

– Lil’ Dogg


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