Last Night in Hockey

The Lil’ Dogg is not a “hockey guy” and I won’t claim otherwise. But I know injustice when I see it and the NHL has gotten the proverbial shaft when it comes to Hi-Top’s sports coverage so being a pup of justice I’m here to right that wrong. 

One caveat: All of my hockey knowledge comes from having spent 10,000 hours playing NHL 94. I’m just going to assume nothing’s changed in the NHL since then. 

Ok let’s get to the recap:

Ducks 6 Flyers 2

Wow. Upset city. Terry Yake must have went off in this one. I know Philly’s D is pretty weak but you would’ve thought Lindross and Recchi could have lit the lamp a few more times and made this a contest. 

Oilers 1 Penguins 2

A closer game than you’d expect but looks like Jagr and Lemieux were able to pull it out even on an off night. 

Red Wings 0 Sabres 1

Another upset. LaFontaine with the winner, Mogilny too much for Detroit too handle while Grant Fuhr does Grant Fuhr things. 

Lightning 5 Hurricanes 1

TAMPA BAY SCORED 5 GOALS???? And who the hell are the Hurricanes???

Blackhawks 2 Golden Knights 4

Ok. Ok. Now you’re just having a laugh, right NHL? This is Chicago we’re talking about? Roenick and Larmer and Cheelios and Belfour. ED FRICKIN’ BELFOUR giving up 4 to something called the Golden Knights. NO. WAY. 

I’m out. Back to the Sega Genesis for this pup. 
-Lil’ Dogg


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